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Friday, April 6

4:15pm PDT

Shorts Group 1 + Q&A
When a reclusive fisherman finds a giant egg on his desolate beach and decides to take it home, his life takes a big turn, for better or worse.
17m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Luciano Blotta
Writer: Luciano Blotta
Producer: Luciano Blotta, Sandra Iurcovich
Starring: Jayson Gladstone
Filmmakers in attendance

Unnatural Selection
Late for work, Julie, 35, gets harassed in the street by Karim, 25. Finally arrived in the company she works for, Julie discovers that the candidate with whom she must hold a job interview is none other than Karim. Determined to teach him a lesson, she will show him what unnatural selection is...
15m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Geneviève Delouche
Writer: Geneviève Delouche & Alban Ravassard
Producer: Alban Ravassard
Starring: Pamela Ravassard, Salim Fontaine, Aymeric Cormerais & Garlan Le Martelot

A heartbroken single mom is about to plunge into a new relationship when her child's father returns with a secret.
Director: Randall Dottin
Writer: Randall Dottin
Producer: Nikhil Melnechuk, Kelly Wydrk
Starring: Melissa Jackson, Russell Hornsby, La Royce Hawkins
Filmmakers in attendance

Girl of the Sky 
A 15 year old Ukrainian girl with an unwanted reputation is forced to stand up to her past.
11m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Ariel Martin
Writer: Ariel Martin, Raphael Elisha
Producer: Tatiana Shevchuk, Ariel Martin
Starring: Kireeva Alexandra, Dmitruk Vladislav, Sobolevskiy Roman
Filmmakers in attendance

Bigfoot's Love Slave
A story through music, about the everlasting power of love and one hairy hunk.
4m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Heather Tom
Writer: Beau Cassidy
Producer: Victor Mazzone, Max Rose
Starring: Alice Lee, Darren Bluestone
Filmmakers in attendance

A new kid in town shows up at the high school boys basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team?
15m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Jeannie Donohoe
Writer: Jeannie Donohoe
Producer: Joey Horvitz
Starring: Rick Fox, Nicole Williams, Jamie McShane, Tye White, Charles Parnell, Dominique Columbus, Michael Purdie

Who Decides
A sick woman and a young girl engage in a discussion about who decides when it's your time to die.
7m/2018/CO Premiere
Director: Mylissa Fitzsimmons
Writer: Mylissa Fitzsimmons
Producer: Mylissa Fitzsimmons, Kristen Murtha, Brenden Hubbard
Starring: Jenny O'Hara, Addison Eckert, Leonora Pitts
Filmmakers in attendance
Night Dancing
Every night, a lonely man sees a beautiful young woman dancing outside his window. He is transfixed by her. Wonders if she's real. Then things become more complicated....
Director: Barney Cokeliss
Writer: Barney Cokeliss
Producer: Barney Cokeliss, Caryn McLean
Starring: Jason Thorpe, Louise Tanoto, Jacob Ingram-Dodd, Alister Cameron

Friday April 6, 2018 4:15pm - 5:45pm PDT
Theater 2 at Blue Starlite Cinema 1300 Westhaven Dr, Vail, CO 81657, USA

6:45pm PDT

Shorts Group 2 + Q&A
The Killing Game
Max is the best hitman in town, a gun for hire with killer looks. Loved by women and feared by the bad guys, he serves his own brand of justice to the criminals of Shanghai’s dark underbelly. Taking out local mob boss ‘Pretty Boy’ Wang shouldn’t be a problem for him. But all is not what it seems, and Max’s world threatens to unravel.
22m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Andrej iliev
Writer: Andrej Iliev
Producer: Luo Tong
Starring: Nick Xu, Emilie Ohana, Yangpeng Li, Xiangyi Fang

The Obituary
A penniless writer who dreams of penning the great American novel takes a job writing obituaries to pay the bills. When he shows up to a man’s home to get a statement regarding someone’s passing, he’s confronted with a life or death situation of his own.
14m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Jonathan Thompson
Writer: Norm Leonard
Producer: Johnny Cannizzaro, Hilary Smith
Starring: Johnny Cannizzaro, Anthony Geary
Filmmakers in attendance

Do You Like Me Like This?
A girl is waiting for her bus in suburbia when a boy comes along. An unconventional romance unfolds as the girl tries to get his attention.
7m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Miryam Jacobi
Writer: Miryam Jacobi
Producer: Miryam Jacobi, Jack Barry
Starring: Ella Hope-Higginson, Tim Earl

In Wonderland
In Wonderland is the story of a life together.
10m/2017/World Premiere
Director: Christopher Haydon
Writer: Iona Firouzabadi
Producer: Daisy Cooper
Starring: Louise Brealey, Arthur Darvill

The Language of Ball
A lonely teenager, new to the city, is forced out of his comfort zone one morning on the basketball court.
Director: Ramón Rodríguez
Writer: Ramón Rodríguez
Producer: Ramón Rodríguez, Karina Silva
Starring: Eshan Bay, Justin Ahedo

Uncle Silas
Maureen, exhausted from child birth, must summon a mother's strength to fight for redemption or choose to let go from a dangerous, self-destructive force: her family. A brother and sister stripped to their most bare and piercing, the two confront choices as only siblings can.
15m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Sayra Player, Rebecca Brillhart
Writer: Sayra Player
Producer: Rebecca Brillhart, Rich Pecci
Starring: Kevin Kane, Sayra Player
Filmmakers in attendance

Internet Gangsters
Two New York hitmen sent to whack an informant hiding out in Los Angeles discover technology is The Mob's real enemy.
6m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Sam Friedlander
Writer: Eddie Alfano
Producer: Kristin Campbell-Taylor & Eddie Alfano
Starring: Eddie Alfano, Rich Grosso, Michael Maino
Filmmakers in attendance

Friday April 6, 2018 6:45pm - 8:15pm PDT
Theater 2 at Blue Starlite Cinema 1300 Westhaven Dr, Vail, CO 81657, USA
Saturday, April 7

1:30pm PDT

Shorts Group 3 + Q&A
Bedtime Story 
Bedtime Story is a dark comedy about a cash strapped literary agent who hatches a plan to turn a mediocre writer into a best selling novelist. It’s a sweet sardonic tale that explores the truism that all success is relative, and if as an artist, you eventually find your audience, it may not be the audience you’d hoped for.
15m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Kevin Alejandro
Writer: Adrian Cunningham
Producer: Exec. Producer, Leslie Alejandro / Exec. Producer, Kevin Alejandro/ Producer, Sascha Rasmussen
Starring: Patrick Fischler (Madmen/Happy), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica/Lucifer), Henry Simmons (Agents of Shield)
Filmmakers in attendance

Pushing Night Away 
A meeting between Eddie, who wants to kill himself, and Kate, who is fighting to keep herself alive.
22m/2016/CO Premiere
Director: Jade Hærem Aksnes
Writer: Jade Hærem Aksnes
Producer: Siv Aksnes & Niels Peter Hærem
Starring: Julian Hærem Aksnes, Dagny Backer Johnsen, Anton Styve

The Duel
Two grizzled gunfighters meet for a duel in the Old West.
5m/2016/CO Premiere
Director: Amanda Barnes and David Speck
Writer: Michael Guzniczak
Producer: Amanda Barnes
Starring: Kevin Mosteller, Michael Guzniczak, Todd Risenmay, Brian Sturges, Colin Stevenson, Amanda Barnes, Daniel Gutierrez, Natalie Erickson, Anthony Caruso, Josh Willis, Bethania Markus

The Invaders
When a girl is followed home, she finds herself facing a sinister force that threatens her entire existence.
7m/2017/World Premiere
Director: Mateo Márquez
Writer: Mateo Márquez
Producer: Claudia Murdoch, Carrie Radigan, Alastair Murdoch
Starring: Isra Elsalihie, Greta Murdoch, Alastair Murdoch, Alvaro Uccello, Keith Boratko, Ashley Siflinger, Joseph Aquino, Sean Kenealy
Filmmakers in attendance

Love on the Line
Love On the Line is an embroidered animated documentary that looks at how Diana and Sacha first met each other on an online dating site.
4m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Nicole McKinnon
Writer: Nicole McKinnon
Producer: Nicole McKinnon
Starring: Diana Janicki and Sacha Wheeler

Cuddle Buddy
A depressed woman must come to terms with her own vulnerability when she hires an eager Professional Cuddler on Christmas Eve.
10m/2016/CO Premiere
Director: Max Barbakow
Writer: Diana Irvine & Isabel Shill
Producer: Constanza Castro
Starring: Diana Irvine & Isabel Shill

Santa Claus
On Christmas night, two lonely neighbors come together to share a meal. Despite having little in common, they attempt to make a meaningful connection before the holiday comes to a close.
15m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Jeff Man
Writer: Yosilu Chen, Jeff Man
Producer: Jeff Man
Starring: Yosilu Chen, Jeff Man
Filmmakers in attendance

The Real Thing
The trip home for a soldier is surreal, everything has changed. His daughter has a rough day at school, as most are for a trans teen. When she comes home and finds him standing on his room, she doesn't know how to react or what to expect.
7m/2017/CO Premiere
Director: Brandon Kelley
Writer: Brandon Kelley
Producer: Jon Gestal, Christie Gestal, Barbara Racanelli, Lori Kelley, Bill Kelley, Mike Racanelli
Starring: Sophia Grace Giannamore
Filmmakers in attendance

Saturday April 7, 2018 1:30pm - 3:00pm PDT
Theater 2 at Blue Starlite Cinema 1300 Westhaven Dr, Vail, CO 81657, USA
Sunday, April 8

4:00pm PDT

Selection of Short Films
A selection of short films from this years festival.

Sunday April 8, 2018 4:00pm - 5:30pm PDT
Theater 2 at Blue Starlite Cinema 1300 Westhaven Dr, Vail, CO 81657, USA